Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna and Personal Hot Yoga Room - Heal with Heat!

Unlike many other infrared saunas available on the market our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna offers carbon/ceramic low-EMF far infrared heating technology on the back wall, side walls, behind the legs, in the floor and front heaters. This is the only sauna with the lowest EMF and ELF levels. 

Not only can our infrared sauna be used for relaxation, rejuvenation and detoxification but it can also be your own personal hot yoga room or stretching space. Grab your yoga mat or foam roller and experience infrared heat deeply penetrating the muscles and fascia making them more pliable for a deep stretch, massage or slow flow. 

With medical grade chromotherapy, bluetooth speakers and a built in charging station for you tablet or smartphone, this is your opportunity to escape, recover and achieve deep healing on a cellular level. 


The Benefits 

Skin renewal (anti-aging) and wound healing


Post workout/Athletic recovery

Muscle gain & Fat loss


Arthritic and muscular Pain relief

Blood pressure reduction

Improved circulation

Cellular health and tissue growth

Reduced body wide inflammation

immune system boost

Better sleep

increased stress resilience 


The Science 



The Session 

When you book your infrared sauna session, you’ll have your own private room for 45 minutes. You’ll be provided towels, water, and have the option of showering off after your session in our luxurious rain shower complete with Omica Filter to eliminate pesky city water toxins (because you just spent all that time detoxing, why would you want to absorb more!?) Please allow for enough time to shower and change as extra time in the room delays other guests. This allows for 30+ minutes in the sauna and extra time to shower/change OR 45~ minutes in the sauna if you will not be showering.


Online Booking

Sessions can easily be booked through our online booking software powered by MINDBODY.