High Altitude Oxygen Training   

Breath pure oxygen while exercising on a stationary bike or treadmill to deliver more oxygen into your tissues and reduce body wide inflammation. This high altitude oxygen training system detoxifies and restores the body to it's fullest potential. 

Our Oxygen Trainer uses approx. 85% oxygen combined with intervals of high altitude (low oxygen). This method allows the participant to create more red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently through the body, revitalizing our cells and mitochondria and also expanding lung capacity. 

When the concentrated oxygen flow is turned on the cells are then able to absorb much more oxygen deeper into the muscles and tissues. This also drives out lactic acid build up and reduces inflammation.

In just 15 minutes the Oxygen Trainer, can produce a complete recovery faster, enhance endurance and elicit a detox response unlike any other.  

The Benefits. 

Increased energy, strength & Endurance


Maximized recovery

Increased performance training

Improved immune system function

Improved Detoxification 

Optimized cardiovascular system function

Increased Metabolism

Conditions LiveO2 therapy can support.



Sleep Apnea

Chronic Pain



Mood Disorders


Autoimmune Disease



The Science. 

The Session. 

One of the great things about Live O2 is the ability to customize the treatment to the individual.  People with long standing illness can get more oxygen into their system with little effort while people training for performance enhancement can get a supercharged HIIT workout.   

The session lasts up to 15 minutes in which you wear a mask attached to a reservoir with a pouches containing 95% pure oxygen. Your technician will put you through protocol that alternates between breathing pure, high levels of oxygen and low levels (hypoxic) of oxygen.

We have you do some moderate exercise while monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels while switching back and forth between very low intensity exercise and some more intense challenge periods.  Switching between these two modes changes the PH of the blood and allows up to 433% more oxygen into the bloodstream.      



Sessions can easily be booked through our online booking software powered by MINDBODY.