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ARX 20 Minute Strength Training

We know, you don't have time to workout. Let us help you feel strong, fit and confident in no more than 20 minutes, 1-2x a week.

With ARX training you can experience what it’s like to uncover your deepest power and strength. In addition to tracking your progress with ARX software, our clean and modern studio, with 1:1 coaching in a semi-private atmosphere, provides all the motivation and accountability you need to achieve your goals and feel empowered in your body.


Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Stressed? Achy? Sore muscles? Toxic overload? Get your body in the sauna!

In this private, 45 minute session, you’ll be able to fully unwind, recover and feel better in you body. Infrared saunas have been known to reduce body wide inflammation through detox, boost our immune system, increase our resilience to stress (meaning we’ll handle daily stress better!) and keep your skin glowing. A luxurious rain shower is included with your session so if you need to wash off before going to work, on your lunch break or before heading out for the night, we’ve got you covered.

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High Altitude Trainer/Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is LIFE! Your cells need to breath and when they can’t, health starts to decline.

If you’re looking to improve your aerobic endurance and stamina, decrease inflammation, improve energy levels and relieve brain fog, the High Altitude Trainer/Oxygen Therapy is for you. Your 20 minute session is simple but powerful. Choose between exercising on a bike or treadmill while wearing an oxygen mask that delivers both higher and lower oxygen concentrations. Leave feeling energized, clear headed and focused!


Whole Body Vibration

Our Bulletproof Vibe plate is used before and after workouts as a warm-up and recovery tool. The vibrating plate increases blood flow to help the muscles warm-up faster before exercise and speed up recovery after exercise. Stretch, foam roll, break out some yoga moves or go through body weight movements all while stabilizing against the forces of the vibe plate!