Infrared Sauna Single Session & Packages

Infrared Sauna Single Session (1 person) - $40

  • 2 people - $60

  • Infrared Sauna 4 Session Package - $150

  • Infrared Sauna 8 Session Package - $280

  • Infrared Sauna 20 Session Package - $600

If you’re looking for a “spa” experience but without the hefty price tag, look no further than our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna .

Single sessions are great for combatting stress, recovering muscles after intense exercise or activity or boosting the immune system to fight off those annoying colds.

Infrared Sauna packages are ideal for those who want to regularly detox their body, support immune function, ease muscle and joint pain, relieve stress and reduce body wide inflammation.

The benefits and uses of Infrared Saunas are endless and it’s one of our favorite biohacking tools!

Rachel Rondeau