Client Spotlight: Katie Kelley

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Self-care is (generally) rather relative and indefinable. Unearthing the most optimal form of self-care is, however, a defining moment - for any person. When you ritualize your favorite kind of self-care, you start to form healthy habits; habits you'll hopefully never need to kick.

Katie Kelley is a 66-year-old Burlington, Vermont native with a passion for self-care. Katie regularly enjoys her unlimited Future Fit membership; she strives to feel her best, look her best and age smartly. With an undergraduate degree in social work from the University of Vermont and a master's degree from the University of Maine Orono, Katie works as a mental health counselor. It's imperative that she's able to show up for herself - first and foremost - so she can then show up for her patients.

Katie's Future Fit routine consists of oxygen therapy on the stationary bicycle three times a week, ARX training once a week and the infrared sauna about four times a week. Katie admittedly suffers from seasonal depression; something she didn't succumb to this past winter and attributes to Future Fit's infrared sauna. Katie also experiences arthritis and residual pain from a healing rotator cuff, which is why she likes Future Fit's unique approach to working out as opposed to more extreme methods. As someone who struggles with committing to exercise on a regular basis, she appreciates Future Fit's easy-going atmosphere and lower-key environment versus crowded, noisy gyms. "Rachel [Katie's coach and Future Fit founder] doesn't push me; she asks me what I'm feeling up for that day," Katie enthusiastically reiterates.

Katie's ultimate fitness goal is to maintain her health and build strength without rushing through workouts or straining her body. Her maximized sessions at Future Fit allow her to prioritize her fitness without spending hours at the gym. In addition to her Future Fit membership, Katie routinely practices Pilates, acupuncture, massage and a Keto diet. Katie also regularly sees her Network chiropractor, Julieta Rushford, of Rushford Family Chiropractic. (Network chiropractic is a type of chiropractic that uses a sequence of delicate touches alongside specific positioning of the body to restore your spine's position, tone and flexibility.) Katie loves pairing her personal means of self-care with Future Fit's pressure-free, client-first methodology.

Like Katie Kelley, you too can put your physical wellness first. Schedule a free consultation with a Future Fit coach at your leisure and discover endless ways to become stronger and improve your mental well- being. As a bonus, your first visit to Future Fit includes a free ARX session.

It's time to get down with your bad, self-care self!