Sweat In Serenity At Future Fit's Infrared Sauna

New England winters aren't for the faint of heart. Whether you embrace these frigid months with enthusiasm or you're counting the days until summer's return, a little heat and light is always good for the soul. While I thankfully don't dread Vermont winters, (shout out to snow sports and Hygge), visiting Future Fit's infrared sauna has been a welcomed activity.

Infrared saunas differ from traditional saunas in that they use infrared lamps to warm your body directly, as opposed to heating the air around you. This allows you to achieve a satisfying sweat at a lower temperature; also allowing for a longer sauna session. During Future Fit's 45-minute sauna appointments, guests may either sit, lie down or bring their yoga mat for a warmed stretch. The sauna's Bluetooth is an easy way to connect to your favorite playlist, podcast or meditation app while you escape daily stress, last night's alcohol consumption, a polar vortex, etc.

Guests adjust the sauna's temperature to their liking, along with its ambience. A hand-held remote controls the hue that fills the room, which morphs from crimson to violet, to cerulean blue and then into a lulling crystalline green. As you approach your zen zone, your body experiences effects similar to moderate exercise, (i.e., perspiration, a higher core temperature and a faster heart rate). You'll perspire with an easy mind as you remember that infrared saunas are known to:

  • detoxify

  • correct sleep patterns

  • improve blood circulation

  • relieve muscle tension

  • ease joint pain

  • lessen anxiety

  • counteract aging

  • increase athletic endurance (learn more about that here )

Depending on what I'm up for, I'll either remove the benches from the sauna to enjoy a stretch on my mat or I'll throw on a mellow playlist, rest my head, and wait for the heat to hit. My last trip to Future Fit's infrared sauna was my favorite to date. I rolled on some CBD and essential oils, stretched lightly and spent the remainder of my time horizontal, attaining a deep and gratifying sweat. It may go without saying, but be sure to hydrate both before and after your session in order to maximize your experience. (Water is also available during the entirety of your session.) When you finish, dry off with a towel or rinse under the soothing waterfall shower head before continuing your day.

Discover the rewards of heat and light therapy all year long with Future Fit's infrared sauna. If it's your first time visiting the sauna, Future Fit will apply a half-off discount to your session. Click here to book your sauna appointment in advance, or book by phone at (802) 497 3593. Happy heating and happy healing!