Our Mission

At Future Fit, we strive to help our clients unlock their ultimate health and wellness potential. We believe in educating, engaging and exciting our community in everything we do.

Your body was designed to function optimally and feel extraordinary. Using traditional wisdom in conjunction with modern wellness technology, we meet our clients where they’re at, support them in achieving their goals and reawaken the inner strength and health that resides within all of us.

What our Future Fit Family is saying…

I love Future Fit! The technology is effective and amazing. It’s awesome to see/track your progress. The static option is more effective than anticipated, and is remarkably beneficial for those with joint challenges. To make everything even better, the staff is phenomenal-friendly and knowledgeable! Oh, and it’s super easy to book online!!!
A friend recommended trying this out. I don’t have a lot of time and use that as my main reason for not “working out” beyond using a treadmill. The ARX Training left my muscles feeling activated. Today, a day later, I’m feeling the results of a complete workout of the core muscle groups. One a week; 15-20 minutes...I’m looking forward to going back next week.
I have been doing ARX for a little over month now and I LOVE it. At first I was going twice a week but really learned that going once a week is all you need, and, more importantly, you need that week in between to recover. My results have been excellent and I have gotten so much stronger in only a month.
As a new mom with over an hour commute, I was struggling to find the time to work out. I am amazed with the results in just a month (80 minutes total workout time). Also as a data geek, I love that I can track my progress from week to week.
I have been going to Future Fit for the past three weeks and I love it! Training with Rachel in both the LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy and ARX Resistance Training has made me feel stronger and increased my energy. From starting to today the overall health of the cells (phase angle) has also increased and I’m thankful to have such a high quality facility in Burlington. I would recommend either session to anyone no matter what age.
My experience with Future Fit VT has been only EXCELLENT! Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the ARX workout and equipment as well as nutrition. I’ve been going every week since I started in May, 2018, and I’ve been blown away by how quickly my body is building muscle mass. In the past, I’ve worked with a personal trainer and I’ve belonged to two different gyms, but none of these comes close to the outcome and progress I’ve made with ARX in a far shorter time!