Our Story

Future Fit was born with the intention of shifting the paradigm in which people practice self-care. We dreamed of a space where people could feel a renewed sense of empowerment over their body. A space where people could feel supported, understood and liberated.

Too often have we personally felt inadequate, self-conscious and powerless, rather than strong, beautiful and confident in our bodies. It’s time to change the narrative. Our mission is to transform the culture in which people approach their health, fitness and beauty routines, valuing quality over quantity. We aim to provide service that is personalized, efficient and always innovative.

Rachel’s Story

Throughout my life, I’ve dabbled in almost any sport you can name off. Soccer, softball, swimming, gymnastics, field hockey, lacrosse, skiing, tennis, snowboarding, horseback riding, water skiing and hiking. I liked organized sports but my true love was in outdoor recreational sports. I was always drawn to hiking, camping and backpacking and just generally loved playing outside. Being in nature provided me with a sense of freedom and connection to a higher power that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

When it came time to go to college, majoring in Exercise and Sports Science seemed like a logical career path. My increasing interest in outdoor sports had created not only a desire, but a need to be physically fit and healthy enough to enjoy these activities. Plus I had always enjoyed taking care of people and the world of health and fitness seemed like a great place to do this.

After going to college and dabbling in the gym world for a couple years, I came the realization….I did not enjoy spending my time in a gym! Here’s why…

1.) I wasn’t outside. I wanted to be outside as much as possible. 

2.) I didn’t find passion in lifting weights or running on a treadmill multiple times a week! So how could I sell other people on the idea that they should LOVE coming to see me at the gym 5-7 days a week?

3.) I found going to the gym to be an unproductive use of my time. I knew how to do the exercises but they bored me, I would have to wait for equipment to be available and as a woman, I ran into a lot of creeps at the gym (unsolicited PHYSICAL assistance when you’re clearly not in danger of hurting yourself or others is NOT okay!)

4.) And this is the big one, right after college I started getting sick and was finally diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. This severely limited the capability and desire I had to exercise. I needed to find another way to keep my passions (and my body) alive.

I had to start practicing chronic wellness to combat my chronic illness.

This is (in the biggest nutshell ever) is how Future Fit came to be. I needed a way to keep myself healthy and fit so that I could spend a majority of my time doing the activities I was passionate about; taking care of people, taking care of myself and outdoor adventuring.

With Future Fit, my intention is to shift the entire paradigm in which people “go to the gym”, practice self care and support their bodies innate ability to recover from activity or illness.

Exercise and health is no longer something you dread, feel scared, intimidated, unworthy of or self conscious about. You can easily find 20 -30 minutes a week (or more!) so that you can feel and see results. It compliments your life and you get a renewed sense of empowerment over your health. This is the culture we’re creating at Future Fit and I hope you’ll join us.

- Rachel, Future Fit co-founder